About Us

Our Vision:

We are dedicated to provide professional academic excellence for all Sri Lankan students without any financial or social barriers.

Our Mission:

The Future World IPS prepares students to realize, to lead, and be successful in a quickly changing modern culture, and thus create the our entire world a greater and much more just place. We will make sure that our students improve both the talents a sound liberal arts education offers, and the competencies necessary for achieving success and leadership in the growing creative economic climate. We will also lead in producing realistic and theoretical education that allows individuals to much better understand our society and improve conditions for local and international communities.

We offer the most useful training so that our students are motivated to lead effective and fulfilling lives as life time learners and responsible individuals.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to make, engage and encourage our students to be their best in a rapidly transforming universal community.

Technology Purposes and Objectives:

* To recognize, practice and motivate the legal and ethical utilization of technology.

 * To encourage productive learning through productive training.

 * To regularly re-analyze our commitment to technological know-how to make sure that we are delivering the more effective teaching and learning resources to our students.